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07 NOV

Life in Vientiane

Laos today is a developing country. Since colonial times, Laos has developed in many ways. For example: Lao government has improved in education, and now there are many schools, especially colleges and universities that provide education for the new generation.

There are many international organizations that have come to help Laos, such as the UN, JICA, and many other NGOs. Moreover, new buildings have been built and more streets paved. Lao people have a new feeling and emotion after living under the painful experience for many centuries. Furthermore, there are not has any war since 1975, and there is conflict like in other countries. Anyone who interested in visiting Laos will see why it is a peaceful place.

My aim in this post is to update you, so you know about the Laos government’s plan for next year. Tourists and foreigners who don’t know about Laos, and who never have come to Laos, think that Laos might be dangerous place, and there is too much jungle and everywhere looks like the countryside. However, I want you to consider again. At present, the government is building the biggest stadium in Laos in order to be host of ASEAN Games in 2009. There is also the new shopping mall in downtown Viantiane next to the Dalat Sao Morning market (the most famous market in Laos).

There will be a train from the Friendship bridge (that connects Laos and Thailand) to other areas, and a new park will constructed in the center of Vientiane. The Laos economy will develop to be better and better, and eventually people around the world will look at Laos in a new way.

To talk more, the point is that the Lao government wants to improve and to persuade more and more tourists to visit Laos. This is why the Laos government also supports external and internal tourism. If you are interested in visiting Laos, and want to discover new things in order to get experiences, just do it.

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